To the Moon

Things are being thrown:: Literally thrown.

old ways of being thrown out the window. Walls crashing down

We are all struggling with how to live in this time. How to thrive and find our way.. 

Radically unkind- stressed out people rushing through their lives. I feel a scowl in my heart that is not familiar to me. I toss and turn and wonder what will we all do? How are we going to keep up when we all feel so darn weary--and then I remember who I am:: I am a fierce woman who knows the power of one foot in front of the other. Who knows that in the darkness there is so much light. I know that in my breath in my spirit and in my soul- is everything I need.

So I do what I must:: I close my eyes I take a deep breath and I connect with the sweetness of my soul. Weary yes- but oh so sweet....

I see the mother hugging her child and sharing her warmth, oh the warmth. I see my husband defend my little when a nurse is rude and cold.. the warmth -the warmth

My scowl is turning around::: my face is turning up to the light

As I think of my dear friend holding her mama's hand as she transitions today on this full moon, I see her holding her mama's hand and I weep for the beauty.  I think of my own journey as a daughter and as a mother, I am humbled by the sweetness of the soul....

When I think of my mama and her true beautiful being- I am in awe that I got to bask in her love for all those years as a little girl and am grateful to shine it on her now.

Tonight I will honor this Leo full moon:: not exactly sure how I will do it but believe me I will be howling to that beautiful Beacon in the sky:: what else is there to do on a Saturday night?

I will create a ritual, in the moment because I have to, Because if I don't I will wither and the scowl of these days will take up the space that I need my goddess to own.

'' Our life force or spirit is like a river that flows through every living thing. When we take time to mark passage, we are dipping into the river of life" Robin Heerens Lysne writes in Dancing Up To The Moon.

If you feel weary today may you know you are not alone. May you boil some water and make yourself a teaand dance in your living room or even the kitchen. Give yourself some big love.

May we all see the beauty that lives within us::

With infinite Love Carrie-Anne