Finding the Authentic Woman Amidst the Noise

This is where the FIERCE me comes in. I won’t become a victim of this paradigm. Instead, I will create and nurture in myself what an authentic woman is for me. I will choose how I live my life; I will create the world I long for.
— Carrie-Anne Moss


I was at the grocery store the other day and saw a woman with her teenage daughter. The woman was so beautiful to me. Her face was lined by life and years, lit by an inner glow. I was deeply taken by her radiance; it washed over me, with such clarity, that this is the beauty I want to emanate. True radiance, glowing from a life well-earned. Lit from within.

I know I was only catching a glimpse of this radiant woman, but what I saw moved something inside of me.

We are a society filled with information and chatter. Books on parenting, education, relationships fill our shelves. We pour money into books and exercise programs which we hope will give us the perfect body—a body most of us will never have.

This world validates women for being skinny and then slams women for being anorexic. We see the judgment as women gain weight in pregnancy, and then we wonder how this celebrity or that one lost it all in time for the red carpet. When I shot the Matrix, I worked out 6 days a week, I had a personal trainer, a chef, and an assistant. I loved every moment of cultivating Trinity, but the reality is that most of us will never have those luxuries. We all know the media shows woman in a very unrealistic way, and finding our authentic voice in our day to day lives can take a lot of filtering.

For me it takes protection, too. Protection from a society that makes very little sense to me—a society which doesn't value mothers or aging. A world that, if we let it, will turn us against ourselves.


This is where the FIERCE me comes in. I won't become a victim of this paradigm. Instead, I will create and nurture in myself what an authentic woman is for me. I will choose how I live my life; I will create the world I long for. I will not place blame. I will empower myself with the truth that it all comes from within. I will let go of all my ideas for how things should be, and I will bravely stand in the unknown.

Every story I once held about myself had vacated me, every last word. I was nowhere to be found. I realized that my idea of who I am is as much a construct as all the beautiful possessions and things around me. This was terrifying. But it was also the truest taste of reality I had ever known. If my understanding of myself was constructed, then it also meant it could be deconstructed, rewritten, made entirely new.
— Meggan Watterson, Reveal

As I sit at the altar of my soul:

Being authentic is important to me. So I create the space inside of me to nurture and tune into the deepest part of myself—my soul. When I carve out even 10 minutes to sit quietly to breathe, to stretch, and to bring myself back to the center of my being, I find my life works. I find it easier to live in the radiance I crave.

In the space of this daily ritual I connect to myself and when I do, these are some of the benefits I have witnessed in my life ::

  • I forgive myself and others.
  • I have more patience.
  • I trust myself.
  • I love and cherish my body, respect it, and nourish it.
  • I feel more creative.
  • I sleep well.
  • I let go of all I think I know and open to the truth of me now.
  • I transform my fear around aging and find the beauty in this time of my life.
  • I  strengthen my core so that I can unleash my creativity and feel the power of my center.
  • I  notice others who emanate strength and radiance.
  • I  love myself with all my imperfections.
  • I  dance and sing, tuning into my heart and my sensuality, raising my vibration.
  • I laugh.
  • I  surrender it all.

In finding my authenticity, I craft my life in a way that resonates with my values, my truth. I model this for my sons and my daughter. I hopefully inspire others to do the same and I lean on others when I can't see the way. We as women must come together and lift each other up to be the radiance we naturally are.

With love and gratitude,