Expressing Gratitude

How can I share my gratitude in the small and sacred moments of my days?
— Carrie-Anne Moss
Carrie-Anne Moss. Photo by Catherine Just.

On Thanksgiving Day, my husband and I will bake a turkey. We will light a fire. Our family and closest friends will gather with us around the table. We will tell stories, laugh and soak in the gratitude of this tradition. Before this day even comes, our minds have already meditated and focused on the things for which we are grateful: the people closest to us, good food, a home, community. Yet I wonder how much time we spend giving thanks in our daily lives. We tend to feel like we are in a million places at once and it is hard for our minds to stay present to experience those flashes where a simple “thanks” can be uttered. When we express gratitude for and appreciate all that has been gifted to us, we invite even more of it into our lives.

How can I share my gratitude in the small and sacred moments of my days? When I look up at that beauty moon, I will say a quiet “thank you.” When I am sitting alone in traffic, I will savor the extra time I’ve been given to sing a favorite song or enjoy a rare and quiet moment. When I feel the sun warming my skin, I will be grateful for the ability to feel. I will give the kids an extra-tight hug and thank them for letting me be their mama.

The expression of gratitude doesn’t have to be one elaborate gesture culminating in a big meal at the table. Our lives are filled with minutes that warm our heart, remind us how good it is to be alive. This week, I want to find all the little ways in which I can give thanks. Join me? Use the hashtag #annapurnaliving on Instagram to connect with others finding gratitude in everyday moments.

With love,
Carrie-Anne Moss