Embodied & Believing: Meet Janae Charlotte

Janae Charlotte

Hello! Please introduce yourself. Who are you? What do you do? How does your heart manifest in the world?

Hello. My name is Janae and I am an old soul. I am a bit like that fellow Benjamin Button, who, as the story has it, came into the world old, grew younger and died a baby. Unlike him my story is about being born an ancient soul and having to learn how to reconcile these “out there” knowings within a human reality and female body. And so over the last 35 years, I've slowly opened and unraveled and learned how to live in a human body. I've slowly grown into my humanity. If you came over today you would experience me as mother, as mystic, as partner and woman. I am here to live my day-to-day life and be very human. I am here to welcome the Spirit/Soul that wants to incarnate through my living. I am here to give language to the felt world of body, of knowing, of energy and intuition. I am here to believe myself and this allows me to believe others, deeply and completely. I am here to live and from that create and from that give what I have to others.

My work is important because____.

My work is important because I understand the ways of embodiment. I know the in-your-body tension of BEing the human experience and expanding beyond it. I know the difficulty of mundane tasks when I'm full of eternal-soul knowing and I know that it is absolutely necessary to have those very tasks so that I am anchored and can break past the spiritual glass ceiling of our culture. Everything I offer I have walked through personally and know intimately. I intentionally press into the complicated pain points and believe that living through pain brings deep and unique knowing. I respect the process and know how to live in the moment while conceding to the long-view, which brings wisdom and a deep acceptance of humanity that is both caught in time and remains outside of limitations.

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What does soulful business mean to you? What motivates you?

Soulful business is born from living intentionally and actively in your own life. For a long time I actively struggled with the limitations and tried to find space outside of my life to create my business. Through the practice of staying I found that my life was my business, because all of my original, creative and true business offerings are from my ordinary/extraordinary living. What I live I can speak to, what I know, intimately, I can unpack, extend, witness and offer. My soulful living has created my soulful business.

What is the best piece of business advice you have received?

The best piece of advice I received was from my magnificent friend and lush guru, Hillary Rain. I had so much of my business developed and yet it was still held in my body. I told Hillary I was set to burst and that I already needed a team because I felt the magnitude of it all and knew it wouldn't come out small. And yet, I didn't even have a website built or clients, so why this sense of huge, and needing a structure already ... !? “So what!” she said, “Build your kingdom backwards.” This completely freed me to not try and start small, but to imagine and build it anyway I needed to. The trick is to feel free to be fully yourself, to believe what your body is telling you and by all means go and create it.

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What is the best business advice you would give?

Working {with} your limitations can really clear the playing field. By allowing the scope to narrow, you become clear on what is already present from within your Life, which is the best space for business to grow from.

How do you stay connected to loved ones when deeply entrenched in work?

My life doesn't allow me to be deeply entrenched in my work. I struggled with this for years and felt that it was an impossible limitation to overcome. I have since come to understand that my life is what keeps my business unique to me and really keeps me only creating what is essence and honest. With my life actively surrounding me, my business is 'forced' to stay true to where my ease and flow resides, because there isn't time for overthinking. I don't get to hide away from my life, which I still struggle with most days, and yet, I know that my intuition is stronger, my sense of self clearer, and my voice and offerings can only be true to me. Staying connected to my life safeguards my work from becoming too lost in others, in thought, in fantasy. Life keeps me here and now, and that provides a strong foundation for my business.

What is your biggest challenge as an entrepreneur? How do you work with or around it?

Believing myself is my biggest challenge. When creating new product that is uniquely mine, there is no one harder {or easier} to convince than mySelf. I work with this challenge by approaching it as a practice, and just like any practice it must be respected as a daily teacher and constant companion. There has been levels of achievement, but it is a spiral by nature, and so I turn and return to succeed and also face the same struggle again.

When you feel burned out or uninspired, what lights your fire again? Please share a personal mantra, motto, or ritual for when you feel drained. How do you stay nourished and inspired as a soulful creative?

Taking action lights my fire. Often this can be simple, like getting dressed and ready for the day even if there is nothing on the books. In this same vein, I also make every effort to assume my Next is waiting for me, and for my part I need to show up, allow, make space within myself and respond to what arises from the ground of me.

How do you start your work day?

Centering myself into my Self is key; lately lighting a candle has been helpful to create a tangible focal point. By centering I create space within and space encourages freedom, which reminds me that I do believe myself. There are so many beautiful and inspiring people in my life, but if I don't stay connected to myself, I won't be able to keep my business grounded and growing.

Janae Charlotte

When did you first realize you wanted to be an entrepreneur?

It is not so much that I wanted to be an entrepreneur, it's more that as I have come more fully into my life and my particulars I saw that I was an entrepreneur. In fact, most of my life I veered towards supporting others and making their details my business. The shift came in 2015 when I truly clarified that my business is me. I believe that this point is when I become an entrepreneur.

What did you want to be when you were a little girl?

My most amusing dream occupation was recorded in a third grade assignment. Each student had drawn a picture and written a simple sentence about "what I want to be when I grow up." All of the assignments were bound into a book and parents could look through them at a upcoming parents night. Mine was definitely the hit for all of the adults and they kept asking my parents what they had done to secure this career aspiration. Because, you see, I had drawn a picture of my parents as quite elderly, I was even pushing one in a wheel chair, and I wrote, “when I grow up I want to take care of my parents and work at a grocery store part time.” Gotta love my sincere heart to help, that has always always been present. Although, I have since learned that my desire to only care for others without regarding myself had to shift. The essence of me remains from that third grade darling, but now I know what I want, too.

Who supports you?

My partner is my main support. He believes me, which has been key for my life to unfold as it has over the past 11 years that we've been together. His support isn't always what I expected, but it has been vital for me to become myself. I have a whole constellation of friends and soul mates that have been forming over the last four years. I am endlessly grateful for their humor, love, presence and belief in me. I wish I had more friends that were in my hometown, but I've found that being held by those far away has it's advantages, too. Being a present day pioneer I needed more space than I'd ever realized. My people being so far {and so close through technology} allowed for this extreme combination of intimacy and space.

What is your business philosophy?

Bottom line for me is that I must build, do and be my business from an authentic space that focuses on my natural flow and ease. I do not push and I will not force. I am faithful to myself and trust that if resistance arises it is giving me information and not challenging me to just push harder. Don't get me wrong, there is plenty that challenges me throughout my work day and I am dedicated to the work. It is clear to me that when the light is red I need to wait and be patient and when the light is green inspiration, work, or product arrives in a state of ease.

What was the biggest “lesson” you've learned through your experience in business?

I was creating an icon for a client and broke my own rule. From the beginning, I have always sketched on the final piece of paper. This practice of starting with the final paper is an act of belief that the true essence will arise because She is already there and I can trust myself to bring her form to life. I was nervous about this client, so I drew my sketch and inked her on a piece of paper that couldn't be the final product. She was instantly approved by the client and I realized that I'd need to go back and draw her again. Well, let me tell you that I am so grateful for this lesson, because I gained so much respect for myself. As I struggled to recreate the essence and flow, which I literally drew in moments the first time, I had to become an apprentice to myself and it took well over an hour to redraw. I learned such an important lesson that just because something is easy for you, doesn't mean it isn't highly technical and extremely valuable. I'm so grateful that I had the chance to apprentice myself and really understand my abilities and worth.

If you could do or make something every day that you give away, what would it be?

Everyday of the week I would {and do!} give away my belief in other people. I love to see and give to others the possibilities that often go unnoticed. I love to see the Life IN other people and help them believe it for themselves.

Please share any messages, wisdom, stories, or insights you have gathered through your entrepreneurial journey.

To find your unique business, you must believe yourself. You must believe what you know, what you love, what you hate and the limitations that curate your living. You must walk your path and be patient, and when the time comes to leap, you will, because you believe yourself, right!? :)

Janae Charlotte

About Janae

I am unorthodox and sincere. I believe in possibilities, the outrageous experience, and the absolute need for humor to make it through. I believe in the call to birth and become the New and Next. All that I offer has been learned through Self Education {Life is an incredible teacher}. I am credentialed by my own authority and offer you my belief that you are your own authority. 

I am a :: space holder // embodiment practitioner // self strategist // holistic analyst

I believe you.

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