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by Nancy ALder

Step onto the path.

Learn about and appreciate the tools, twists and maps you have and see.

Celebrate the journey and all the experiences on the way.

Dive in deep to cultivate creativity and awareness.

The eight limbs of yoga come from Patanajali’s Yoga Sutras which describes the architecture of a meaningful and consequential life as having eight parts: Yamas, Niyamas, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi. They can be utilized together or separately as part of our path as yogis.  Most yoga students are familiar with the asanas (poses) and/or practice pranayama (breathing exercises). But the depth of the practice outside of these two limbs is vast and often we encounter one of the other limbs when we are off our mats and in our daily lives.

This course strives to teach those who are unfamiliar with or refresh those that are versed in the eight limbs, their meanings, and their uses to help us cultivate these practices every day. Our hope is that this course will show you that the eight limbs can be found not only when you are in a yoga practice/class, but also when you go about your daily life off the mat.


During two weeks in May we will be exploring the third and fourth limbs, asana and pranayama, and how they influence our lives off the mat. We will dive into the practices of movement and breath as tools for patience, growth and ease. We will explore the anatomy, energetics and power of the body and the breath and now they inform our lives as householders.

Cultivate awareness of the third and fourth of the eight limbs through exploration of the mystical and mundane. Share through images on Instagram or Facebook, or via blog posts.  Let your practice foster your creativity and your creativity foster your practice.

No prior knowledge of yoga, the eight limbs of yoga or asana/pranayama needed.  This course is for yogis of all levels and experience and is appropriate for those 18+ years of age.

This journey begins May 17, 2015.

To enter:

For your chance to win a spot in this eight limbs // life : steps asana and pranayama eCourse, follow the instructions on the giveaway service. Please be sure to read the terms and conditions. Giveaway begins at 12 AM, April 30, 2015 Pacific Time, and ends at 12 AM Monday morning, May 4th, 2015. Course begins May 17th.

Your householder guides on this journey:

nancy alder

Nancy Alder

Mom to elves, mystic, writer of words, seeker of truth, wanderer on the path.

My yoga practice consists of small moments on the mat and huge moments living off it.

Pratyahara  gives me back the space and stillness that is lacking in a busy mama life.

Satya reminds me to live what is true to me. My students and sangha are the mirrors for my Svadhyaya.

Santosha is coffee gelato and laughing effortlessly.  I find Samadhi in seashells, snowflakes and silence.

Find me off the mat at:


Liz Vartanian

YogaMama::Baker::Writer/Blogger::Coffee Drinker

Practice to me is meditating over my warm cup of coffee in the morning, using pranayama when sitting in traffic or at the play ground, and getting in small movements when ever I get the chance.

The eight-limb//life, to me, is Samadhi in life’s small moments (especially on the sand or with a warm cup of coffee), keeping Santosha when my ego says “compare yourself to others”, and using Dharana (single minded focus) both chanting for myself and letting that focus be on my son. Yoga is in everything!

Find me off the mat at:

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