Decadent Intimacy

For me, images of the goddess
are rooted in the real.

I see her in the woman at the grocery store.
Her authenticity pierces me like an arrow of truth.
And gives me pause and affirmation that aging naturally, beautifully is breathtaking.

I see her in the grace of a woman stepping into her power for the first time, giving room for her voice, and her truth.

I see her in the young woman navigating her purpose aligned with what matters to HER rather than what others think.

I see the goddess in the mirror and then on other days I see nothing.
The days of nothing are the days that need my dear attention.

If I can breathe into me,
And feel into me,
I can transform the moment in a breath.

It's easy to look like a goddess dressed in flowing perfection.
But what about the mundane realness of this life?
What about walking from the bed to the kitchen?
How about in the way you make yourself a meal?
Or in the way you think about yourself?
Can I bring compassion to the weary bits of myself?

Us modern women need to look within ourselves to feel the goddess that lives inside. Looking like a goddess is nice sure, but feeling like one is true heaven.

There is wisdom here in the moments that are hard.
There is wisdom in the dark of the moon, my dear teacher Paramatma reminds me.
There is information here.

In the dark we can see what needs shifting, what needs our attention. What is achey and whiney is a signal for what we do need, crave and desire.

The more I sit to meditate, the clearer I become.

Every morning as it sit, I get the message and the wisdom to simplify my life so that I can hear my own wisdom.

Simplifying for me is an inside job.

It's letting go of all the thinking, the figuring out.
Sure, it's clearing out physical spaces, closets and drawers, but
Most importantly to me
It's the clearing of my mind.

It's in the living::

I want to live fully :: deeply :: connected and in my grace.
I want to be present and not whirling through all the things I think I need.

Mental space is luxurious
And ultimately...
Makes me feel like a goddess

Iā€™m feeling so much gratitude and a wee bit tired.

It's a real pleasure for me to support the women who alongside me crave lives aligned from the inside out :: there is so much going on out there and my life is ramping up and I want it to; so the clearer I get to simplify the inner workings of my mind, the more expansive and free I feel.

Clearing away the worry, the doubt, and the chatter is true self care for me. Being able to be with my family/friends without BEing somewhere else in my mind is

Decadent Intimacy ~