Cultivating Your Authentic Self in Creative Branding

There is no end to the depth of resources we can tap. We will never run out of self.
— Sadie Rose Casey

by Sadie Rose Casey

A huge part of my creative experience over the years boils down to personal branding. Often times the term “branding” evokes an impersonal, profit-driven energy which scares some people away. Growing up, I associated the concept of branding with large corporations, executive offices, and worlds about which I knew very little. Over time, I’ve come to redefine this concept and turn it into an empowering process of self-discovery.

In my years as a mother and a business owner, I have learned that personal and creative branding doesn’t have to be about profit or the bottom line. It can be about love, about a mission, about the heart of the matter. Personal branding doesn’t mean you want to sell a symbol that represents your brand, rather, it means that you want to create a core value that expresses your heart and spirit, and that you want to align your creative and professional work with that core value.

Once you establish this core value in your personal brand, everything you do has an anchor point. As long as your product or offering aligns with your core value, it will match your personal vibration. This is your consistency. This is your “brand”—YOU. For me, personal branding is the most fool-proof way to guarantee success in what I do. Any time I stray from my core values, I begin to struggle. Certain projects that are anchored, say, to someone else’s core value, or to an external ideology, eventually lose steam. It’s harder for them to continually evolve, as their source of alignment is not within my self. The other thing about aligning businesses and projects with our core value is that our selves are bottomless. There is no end to the depth of resources we can tap. We will NEVER RUN OUT OF SELF.

When I teach workshops about how to market and sell art or projects or services, I always talk about this: Consider what it is you want to express. What is your mission statement? What is your message that you are delivering to the world through your offering? Write it down. Pin it on your wall. Remember it and review it often.

By incorporating your truest self into your business and branding, you create stability and longevity for your brand. The one thing you will always be able to rely on is YOU.

Personal branding can look a myriad of different ways. Your business or project should match your own frequency. It should feel authentic to who you are and what you love. It should feel good to you in your heart and deep in your belly. It should excite you because you love it, not just because it has the potential to make money. With time, the love and enthusiasm will act as magnets for the money.  

Some of my past entrepreneurial and creative work:

Success comes in many forms. Look at yourself in the mirror and say, “I am successful.” How does that feel? Is that something you say very often? Feel into yourself and find the ways to access your inner strength. It is this strength that will provide light when the tunnels get dark; it is this strength that will carry your passion from a creative fantasy to a productive reality.

Do not fear the raw authenticity of branding-through-self. It is very vulnerable to put ourselves our there in this way, to say to the world: “I BELIEVE THIS.” With this rawness, this vulnerability, there comes great power. And with this power comes success. Ironically, it is your sweet, tender truth that houses the magnificent fire of your future.

About Sadie Rose Casey

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