Conversations with Carrie-Anne Moss + Michelle Gardella

You may or may not have heard that we here at Annapurna Living finally launched a YouTube channel. It's true! Hellooo modern technologies, here we come. 

On our channel, we are going to be posting free guided meditations from Carrie-Anne, intimate conversations between Carrie-Anne and her friends and mentors, and—well, anything we want, really. 

Last week Carrie-Anne "met" with Michelle Gardella for an online chat and we recorded it to share with you all on our channel. In fact, we posted two videos, one about how women support themselves to stay strong and peaceful, and another one about Social Media, and how it affects us. Both are such essential topics and the conversations are truly valuable. Have a peek if you haven't, and share them with anyone who might be needing to hear these. 

And of course, stay tuned in 2017 for more videos from Annapurna Living.