Carrie-Anne Moss + Kelly Brogan

Last week I sat down with Kelly Brogan to talk about women. We talked about what kind of tools women need today and where we can start with self-care—the kind that actually makes a difference in our life and then in the world. We also talked a little bit about her work which focuses largely on women's health and helping women break their reliance on prescription drugs. Kelly's work is truly amazing and I admire so much the path she has chosen. In this video of our conversation, she shares about how she went from being a high-powered, high-stress MD eating a steady diet of candy every day to where she is now. The work of actually hearing our inner voices can be long and arduous and it looks different for everyone. 

As Kelly shifted into her practice of helping women who were on meds, her waiting list grew to be 2 years long, and so she created an online program called Vital Mind Reset in the attempt to share her advice and program who didn't want to wait 2 years or couldn't fly to New York. She talks about VMR at the end of our conversation for those of you who may be interested. 


Learn more about Kelly here