August Moon Forecast


August Moon Forecast

For thousands of years, the Moon was the primary timekeeper for all beings on planet earth. As the Goddess went underground, so did the ease with which we connected with the lunar cycle, especially in Western cultures. Yet her waxing and waning can still be felt within our bodies because her rhythms are encoded into our blood. Her cycle may seem mysterious and confusing, but when you look closer, she speaks a language that can be remembered and integrated into modern life. Here are a few things to know:

  • The Moon is the quickest planetary body in astrology. She travels through the entire zodiac every 29-ish days, moving through a sign in about 2 1/2 days. Each sign is like an energetic costume change for her. As she journeys, she receives transmissions from the other planetary bodies. The Moon is a mediator; she makes connections and then filters these messages through her own body into our bodies.
  • Each lunar cycle begins with a conjunction of the Moon and Sun. This means that they are together in the same degree of the same sign—like today, the New Moon is in Leo along with the Sun being in Leo as well (more on that below). Because of this merging, The Moon becomes infused with the energy of whichever Zodiac sign the Sun is visiting. Each month there is a different energetic signature depending on what sign the lunar/solar conjunction is happening in.
  • Each New Moon is an invitation to recalibrate your own system with the energetic frequency that is being filtered through the Moon’s body. There is no prescription about how to experience the energy of the Moon or the lunar cycle. Each phase will feel different for each of one of us and is dependent upon so many factors. With the Moon, as with all things in life, please remember—YOU are your own expert. Over time, attuning to the Moon will help you connect with your own intuition.

New Moon in Leo—August 2

This lunar cycle begins August 2nd with the Moon and Sun in the fire sign of Leo, the sign of royalty, of creative play & self-expression. In our bodies, Leo rules the heart, back & spine. Leo loves to celebrate and is loyal, determined and dignified when standing in the light. In shadow this can turn into arrogance, egotism and drama. Leo is ruled by the Sun, the very center of our solar system. The Sun shines it’s light on all of us, no matter who we are; the Sun does not discriminate.

The invitation for embodiment this New Moon in Leo is for each of us to stand firmly in our own hearts. Authentic love & generosity begin with self-love. It is from this place that you are able to shine your heart and share your light for the benefit of all.

This New Moon invites you love yourself even when you are feeling lost. As women—mothers, sisters, partners, friends—we love deep and wide like the ocean. We give care and nurture, sometimes to the point of burnout. We will often think of others first which is a lovely gesture… but when it is at the expense of our own energy, we enter a cycle of depletion that doesn’t serve our lives. Loving yourself is not selfish, it is the most generous thing you can do. It is the springboard of loving others. If you decide to set intentions at the New Moon, I invite you to plant a seed of loving kindness for yourself in your own heart. Water it daily with simple acts of self-love and watch it bloom.

Full Moon in Aquarius—August 18th

The Full Moon on August 18th will be in the sign of Aquarius, reminding us that we are a community made up of individuals. We must remember that our individual actions impact the collective, even if we can’t see the results. Aquarius is an air sign and like all air signs, Aquarius is very comfortable in the realms of thoughts, ideas and communication.

The Full Moon’s invitation for embodiment is to allow the self-love you have cultivated to become love for all. Allow a vision for a better world to emerge, one that includes the well being of all sentient beings. The only way this kind of love is sustainable is to love from a place of overflow, so make sure to fill your own cup. It is by blending the strengths of the heart and mind that we find value in ourselves, in others and in the hope for a future where all beings are loved and respected.



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Kristina Wingeier is a Soul Counselor and Astrologer who has been guiding women on the path of self-healing for over 20 years. For more information please visit her website,