Annapurna Woman Kristina Wingeier

Our Portrait of the Annapurna Woman is an ongoing series featuring divine women who embody the nurturing spirit of Annapurna Living. Today we are excited to welcome astrologer and educator Kristina Wingeier.

How do you start your day?

I like to wake up slowly, contemplating any dreams from the night before and considering the day ahead. Once I’m up, the first thing is to drink about a quart of water before I make tea or coffee. The cat will want food and the dog will want a quick walk. In fact, it is at their insistence that I get out of bed in the first place! I usually practice meditation and movement in the morning but if I don’t make time, I don’t sweat it. Lately I’ve been experimenting with taking cold showers before my practice, slathering my body with ayurvdic oil before getting into the water. My mind always resists but my body is secretly craving them.

What do you do when you are overwhelmed or stressed?

The best tool I have for [feeling overwhelmed] is working with my breath, consciously slowing and deepening it. This helps to bring me back into my body and gives me some space from the thoughts that are causing me distress.

What gives you the feeling of true bliss within?

Gazing at the ever changing sky - sunrise, sunset, clouds, the moon, stars & planets all bring me such a feeling of bliss. Tuning into the sky and cosmos brings me to a more expansive experience of my own being and a deeper connection with all that is.


What are you currently reading?

There are piles of books everywhere in my home. Here are the contents of one stack: The Light of Venus by Adam Gainsburg; The Stars by H.A. Rey; Mythology by Edith Hamilton; Soul Path Way by Kay Taylor; Cycles of Becoming by Alexander Ruperti; Awakening Shakti by Sally Kempton; Yoga of the Subtle Body by Tias Little; The Planets by Deva Sobel.

What are you listening to right now?

More often than not I listen to the silence and ambient noise of my life. As far as albums, these have been getting fairly heavy air play lately - White Sun II by White Sun; Piano Works by Claude Debussy; The Milk-Eyed Mender by Joanna Newsom; Kali Yuga: The Age of Chaos by Gamelan Sekar Jaya; All My Demons Greeting Me As a Friend by Aurora; Wyatt at the Coyote Palace by Kristin Hersh; Meditation of the Soul by Snatam Kaur. I also love learning so will listen to podcasts while doing housework or driving; astrology podcasts are my latest obsession.

What does nourishment look like to you?

A big pot of yogi tea on the stovetop. Long baths with epsom salts and essential oils. Soul connection with kindreds. A meal made with love. Listening to birdsong. Laughing so hard my ribs hurt.

How do you make space for play?

I just play. I can be very, very silly. Play is a foundational part of how I move through the world.

What are some favorite mantras you cling to?

I am Sacred Space.
Vibrate the Cosmos and the Cosmos Shall Clear the Path.
The love you take is equal to the love you make.

Please share some words of wisdom you've learned as a direct result of soulful and embodied living.

1. The only constant is change. The more I remember this, the more liberated I am.

2. I am responsible for the energy I bring into any situation.

3. The less I cling to how I think my life should look, the more room there is for magic to happen.



Kristina Wingeier is an Astrologer, Educator & Intuitive Guide whose healing roots are anchored in the Blood Mysteries - women's cycles of empowerment - and the natural rhythms of lunar & seasonal living. She lives in the SF Bay Area and works with women around the globe. Visit her on her website or on Instagram.

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