Annapurna Woman Rev. Julie Moret

Portrait of the Annapurna Woman is an ongoing series featuring divine women who embody the nurturing spirit of Annapurna Living. Today we are thrilled to share Rev. Julie Moret.
Julie Moret

How do you start your day?

By habit, I wake up in the dark early morning hours. The first thing I do is take a great big cat stretch and automatically think how much I love my bed and how I would marry it if such a thing were possible. Since it’s usually around 4 a.m., I rest in bed indulging in free time to wander around my mind. This turns into a creativity jam session for upcoming talks or fresh chapters/articles that are ready to come to life. I harvest these downloads by recording key words/phrases into my phone. Then I go through a few rounds of the Life Visioning Process created by Michael Bernard Beckwith. Visioning is different from visualizing. In visualization you imagine what you want (Purple Bentley, Purple Bentley….), in Visioning, you open to God/Life/Nature/Divine Source’s highest vision for your life. Beginning my day in an expanded state of consciousness activates a blueprint of who I really am which then sets up the rest of the day as an opportunity to fall in line with that which is already established in consciousness.

On school days, the moment my feet hit the ground around 6am, the next hour is a flurry of activity with lunches, breakfasts, dishes, and one hundred million reminders to my child to eat/dress/brush, etc. Once everyone is out the door, I turn off all electricity—lights, fans, everything. The house becomes a cave. I go to my meditation ‘sit spot’ with a steaming cup of home brewed tea. I own the next hour. Afterward, I go for a walk where I multitask far too much, responding to emails and phone calls while my soul begs to merge with the surrounding nature. Walking is when my best ideas for talks come forward. I am definitely the crazy lady in the neighborhood who walks around talking to herself. (I have learned to wear headphones, so at least it looks like I’m talking to someone!)


Curl up in a fetal position on the floor and weep. Then breathe. Then call my practitioner—Agape International Spiritual Center Practitioners are trained in transdenomenational(inclusive of all religions), affirmative prayer. Monnae Michael helps me return to my right mind. She will not collude with me about ‘how bad things are.’ She walks me back out into a faith, a trust, an absolute knowing that my life is for me—ALWAYS. This calms me down and gets me back in my body. Then I sweat it. I literally sweat the small stuff, and the big stuff! I take myself to an intense yoga class (Kundalini is my fav). It burns off all of the excess cortisol and toxins that flood the body from stress and anxiety. With each exhalation I imagine releasing the situation, whatever it is. Even if I see no possible resolution. Especially when I see no possible resolution. I turn it all over to that Divine Source that knows how to alchemize that which no longer serves back into pure usable energy.


There are a few paths that ignite a state of bliss within me—the feeling of being on stage and seeing how fully I can surrender. How much I can allow myself to be a lightning rod for God. It is like the illusive runner’s high. I may speak for forty-five minutes, but it is that one millisecond of total union, that one millisecond of feeling connected with all of life, fully being who I came here to be, that sparks true bliss. I also feel bliss deeply camping out in snowy woods, hiking through purple flower freckled grassy meadows, or paying court to a quartet of ancient Sequoias.

The hand’s down most genuine, pure sense of bliss I have ever known, however, comes from only one place. The feeling of my child cuddled up next to me. That feeling of little arms and legs sprawled in every direction, usually a foot slung over my torso, a knee in my back, little hands sleeping on my face. Pure unadulterated contentment. It almost hurts to be that utterly fulfilled.


Honestly, my own book! What’s Your What? How to Ignite Your Unique Brand. It’s about how to seduce your life into a work of art. How do we continuously clarify, activate, and disseminate our gifts in a world pressing in on all sides, diverting and diluting focus. I used the tools in What’s Your What to accomplish a number of large goals. Publishing my book and giving my TEDx talk were two of the biggies. When I completed both of them this past spring, I felt lost and depressed. I didn’t know what to do with myself. I didn’t know what comes next. So I am beginning again, using What’s Your What as a resource manual to re-boot and create in consciousness whatever is to come next.

I’m also reading Nine Faces of Christ, Quest of the True Initiate. It explores major spiritual paths and reminds me of who I really am, a seeker masquerading as an urban, fast-paced, extrovert, when really my soul is barefoot wandering the Scottish Highlands, brewing medicinals from surrounding foliage, and dancing in the moonlight!

On deck is Joe Dispenza’s, You Are the Placebo, Making Your Mind Matter. He puts scientific facts and data to the principles I believe instinctively. His book has been staring at me from my nightstand for about three months now. All in good time, yes?


Jami Lula—There’s a Healing Going On, I blast it full volume in my car before I go on stage. Totally ignites my soul. Also, my family went to see The Sound of Music on stage recently and the last song, Climb Every Mountain was so pristine, so utterly galvanizing. I have listened to it continuously ever since.


Cauliflower Steaks
1 Head of cauliflower
2 Tbsp extra-virgin olive oil
16 million garlic cloves-if you love garlic, like me. If not, 1 small garlic clove, sliced. Oh, two, please do at least two cloves!

Preheat oven to 450 with rack in lower third
Cut cauliflower lengthwise into ¾ inch thick slices
Strategically plant garlic in cauliflower
Put in large pan and brush with 2Tbsp oil, pinch of good salt and pepper
Roast, turning once or twice until golden, about 25min
Make sure it is golden brown and caramelized.


Daily walks in nature and meditation are my mainstays. When I am speaking a lot and around large crowds, I crave the ocean to a point of compulsion. I have to get to the water’s edge. My nervous and adrenal systems immediately smooth out the second my bare feet hit the sand. It cleanses and purifies my energetic field with tangible and immediate results. I also love creating my own spa day. I make a detox bath with piping hot water, cayenne pepper (as much as I can take, about a tsp.), sea salt, and Epsom salts. I make sure to soak for at least thirty minutes so I get a full sweat going. I drink hot ginger tea (brewed from ginger roots in my garden) to aid the cleanse. Then I smear on a clay face mask, hot oil deep hair conditioner, and oil pull. I feel clean down to my bones after all that!

Julie's shoes


Nature. Being unplugged. Cuddled up with my child. Brewing my own herbs from medicinal twigs, berries, and bark. Pleasure reading. Gardening. Meditating at the ocean. Afternoon cat naps. The best nourishment for me that I don’t do nearly enough, is playing sexy music and dancing to the point of exhaustion. Like so many other working woman, I spend a majority of my time in my head, analyzing and intellectualizing everything. When I take the time to move in a sensual way, it slides me back into Divine Goddess energy. I feel more effortlessly lush and powerful, easily finding heightened pleasure in the simple dailiness of life.


Life is Eternal and Love Never Dies: Been leaning into this one a lot since my grandpa passed.

Two Fully Present Minutes are Worth More Than Sixty Distracted Ones: Perfect for when I am picking up my child at school and twelve work emails blast in. When I show up fully with my son, we both feel and receive soul nourishment. Then, it’s fine for me to handle other things and neither of us is left wanting. Give as You Go: It is easy to say ‘I’ll give, when…’ or ‘I’ll give once such and such happens…’ But the trick to prosperity is that when you give as you go and have giving as an aspect of your living, it creates energetic space for more prosperity to enter.

Julie Moret


I have learned that this is the time to try everything. To stretch. To grow. To struggle and fail and get back up again. Why? Because we are living in the playing fields. These are the playing fields. This is the moment to expand.  To give all. To say yes even when it scares me. Especially when it scares me.

I have also learned that just because I have a strong spiritual practice, that does not mean stuff won’t happen. At the time of this writing, my home flooded. Massive damage. Furniture and possessions, ruined. I will be out of my home for months as walls and floors are demolitioned. Yet somehow I feel calm. Clear. Unattached even while watching it all go. That is what I have learned. It all comes, and it all goes. Even this physical body typing words while surrounded by crumbling ceilings and bubbled up floors. It all comes and it all goes. How remarkably freeing. There is something sublime about the eternality of our presence. Not our physical presence, our pure Spirit. That aspect of you that does not come or go but simply, exquisitely, is.

Julie Moret

About Julie

Julie Moret is an accomplished speaker and personal coach. She holds degrees in a wide range of healing modalities including psychology and Neuro‐Linguistic Programming. Julie’s work has been featured on the Lifetime television channel and she enjoys working with clients from diverse backgrounds, including Fortune 500 Executives, Academy Award Winners, and several New York Times Best Selling Authors. Julie, an Agape International Spiritual Center speaker, staff minister, and member of the Executive Leadership Board, was knighted by the Order of the Orthodox Knights of St. John Russian Grand Priory alongside Jack Canfield, Don Miguel Ruiz, and Michael Bernard Beckwith. She was honored to be a featured speaker at TEDx LA on May 28th, 2015.

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