A Love Song for a Wise Ocean

When I bring Divine consciousness to my acts of creation, I elevate them. The mundane becomes a meditation, the ugly finds a beautiful expression, the difficult challenge reveals my internal infinity.
— Tash Mitch
Love Song for a Wise Ocean

by Tash Mitch

I have always had a huge affinity for the sea. The physical, mental and emotional reactions I have to the ocean fascinate me. If I have not seen the sea for a while, the moment I come face to face with it again a very distinct sequence of responses occur. First, there is an immediate, deep and full breath that fills my lungs to its fullest capacity, then an automatic and satisfyingly soft sound of ahhhhhhhhhhh ... as I breathe out. Finally, there is a deep sense of thankfulness as my spirit expands to reach the infinity of the horizon before me. Most interesting of all is that my conscious mind surrenders its involvement and just observes.

Something special happens when I meet infinity with my awareness and vision. It reminds me that I am more than just this vessel of my body, and while my body needs to be nurtured and loved, my conscious link to my soul is equally important. While nature provides a pure way of allowing me to experience the limitless, the ocean in particular has been a friend and teacher.

Unconditional love

By witnessing the dance between the waves and the shore, I have seen unconditional love in motion. Each time a wave comes in, it is lovingly embraced and accepted, and each time it goes out it is unconditionally released. For a moment, between the inflow and the outflow, the ocean becomes the shore and the shore becomes the ocean, perfect, complete, merging into one.

Acceptance is such a necessary factor of unconditional love. Much as the ocean shapes the shore and vice versa, I shape others by what I am being, and in turn I am shaped by what others mirror to me. This makes each of my relationships unique. I have a blueprint, identity and expression that is all my own, as does each person I interact with. It is in this knowing that I wholeheartedly invite them to be exactly who they are, and in this acceptance I know unity, commonality and one-ness with them that is both deep and true. 

Tash Mitch


Every day is a new day in the life of the ocean. People interact with it in their own ways; I use its energy to inform and teach me, someone else uses it to gain balance and connection to their body as they surf, and others spend endless days travelling along its surface making it their homes. The clouds and the sun create a symphony of light and colour which means that today the ocean may sparkle like diamonds, tomorrow it may be grey and flat, whereas yesterday it may have radiated rich and delicious hues.

Similarly, I am not the same person today as I was yesterday. I, too, have shifting moods, emotions, circumstance and back drops that are reflected on my surface and resonate deeply inwards. But it is from a balance of non-judgement and discernment that I allow the play of my life to gracefully unfold, revealing opportunities, gems and intense beauty. On a grey, overcast, cloudy day my teacher the ocean just IS. Likewise on a sunny, smiling, clear day, it just IS. By remaining true to itself in the midst of its never ending changeability, the ocean reflects Divine consciousness to me, and calls to the Divinity resonating at the core of my being.

The beauty of this Divine resonance nourishes my soul and consciously connects me to my creative force. It brings my awareness to the fact that I am creating, cultivating, shaping and merging with the world around me. When I bring Divine consciousness to my acts of creation, I elevate them. The mundane becomes a meditation, the ugly finds a beautiful expression, the difficult challenge reveals my internal infinity. By aligning to my Divine resonance, I become the ocean and the ocean becomes me.

Tash Mitch

About Tash

Tash Mitch integrates energy work with life coaching. Her focus is on working with women using the chakra system as a frame, to help them open their intuition to their own resonance and to gain a solid understanding of how they use their energy. The wisdom in her sessions can be used in a focused way for clarity on a specific situation, for guidance on a given path or for insights on how energy can be harnessed and cultivate to create a life full of love. She can be contacted at www.tashmitch.com.