11 Steps To Fierce Grace

11 steps to fierce grace by carrie-anne moss
Simple is just fine.
— Carrie-Anne Moss

you know the moments...

When you look at something in your life and you think “This is sacred and divine.” Then you look at the same thing a few days later and it looks dull and uninspiring. You look in the mirror one day and see your beauty, grace, and that sparkle in your eyes—and yet hours later you see the worst and slip into the downward spiral.

How can we, after all the work we have done on ourselves, fall into these old ways of being? How can WE—women traveling  deeply down the the road of uncovering and exploring our souls—find ourselves struggling with the minutiae of ego?

I am pretty fierce. Feeling badly or uninspired doesn't fly with me for too long. I hate to repeat the same story over and over again. Being a victim is not comfortable for me. When I hear myself repeating a story I’m telling or believing about myself, a strong voice inside says “No more. Let that story go.”

Discipline plays a key role in my life. This is my Fierce Grace. It is that part within that demands I turn things around and find another way. It keeps me moving forward. 

When I am disciplined, I complete things. I treat myself well. I don't gossip or complain. I feel massive surges of creativity. I sleep well. I feel a sense of vibrancy inside my body. 

If you find yourself craving this too, here are a few ways to begin living with discipline and transcend the inner stories that hold us down.

11 steps to activating FIERCE GRACE 

1. Practice fierce gratitude ... for everything.

2. When needed, get on your knees and and ask for deep love and support from your guides, your god, your spirits, your ancestors, your soul.

3. Say what you mean; mean what you say. Keeps things less complicated. Keeps things emotionally clean and tidy.

4. Meditate, even if it is for 3 minutes a day. Sit still. Close your eyes and connect to yourself.

5. Move your body—dance, run, walk, yoga, self care.

6. Keep moving forward. 

7. Open your heart through singing, prayer, laughter, or a big cry... 

8. Create art daily. Simple is just fine. Write a poem, draw a picture, make a meal, set a table.

9. Be very kind—especially to yourself.

10. Don't judge.

11. When you feel like judging, see how that something you want to judge is actually something within you—and have compassion for yourself and the thing or the person you wanted to judge...

Every day we have a choice. How will we live this day? My wish for you and for me is that we create the lives we crave. Right? 

Let's get to it.

You shining your light gives others hope, and gives this world the much needed boost it longs for.

xxx carrie-anne

Want to download a pretty PDF version of these steps?