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Dear Woman 

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I am so happy you want to join my team. I have been wanting to do this for so long and to share it with you, and here I am.

When you join, you will become part of my own Young Living team.

The initial signup cost is $160 and it gets you 11 premium oils + 1 diffuser. You are not obligated to do anything beyond that, and this will qualify you to receive 24% off any other oil purchases for the rest of the year. You can use the 24% discount to buy oils for yourself, or you can begin to build your own business here in our lineage.

Here is a list of instructions to join my team:

The link to join is at the end of the list

  1. Choose “Member” — Click the button below this list and then choose “Member.” There are no strings attached to this membership, meaning there is no monthly requirement and you never have to sell anything if that is not in alignment for you. As a member, you will get a 24% discount for the rest of the year on any additional oil purchases. 

  2. Sponsor + Enroller—In order to join my team, your number for sponsor + enroller is 841973. Double check that both numbers are filled in correctly before continuing. When asked if you want to get a personal or business account, please choose personal.

  3. Choose Premium Starter Kit—The starter kit includes 11 oils plus your choice of a diffuser, as well as several samples and information to get you started with your kit.

  4. Essential Rewards—This is completely optional. The best thing to do is to select your Premium Starter Kit and then click the box below, reading, “Use the selected Premium Starter Kit as my first Essential Rewards order and sign me up for an Essential Rewards subscription.” Essential Rewards gives you money back on every order and is a great way to get free things in future orders.

  5. Welcome Email—After you have signed up with Young Living and ordered your Premium Starter Kit, you will receive a welcome email within 24 hours from my team. The welcome email will include access to our private groups, and the journey will begin.