11 Steps to Fierce Grace ... for you.

We don't want to admit that it's hard being a woman. The ache we feel for the collective pain is unbearable at times. The truth is—it's hard. The pressure we put on ourselves and our lives is exhausting. We are all struggling, we are all finding our way. There is no secret.

Women need council.
We need community.
We need support. 

We need Fierce Grace. 

This is why I have created the Fierce Grace Collective, and why I do the work I do. Want a taste of Fierce Grace? Put your email in the form below to receive a Fierce Grace Gift from me to you. May it adorn your wall, sit on your desk, nestle in your journal...whatever you choose to do with it, may it uplift and inspire you and remind you that YES, you have Fierce Grace. 


We want to live from our hearts, and yet life happens and we shut down, we protect, we close ... what if our hearts stayed open regardless? This is fierce grace.

— Carrie-Anne Moss