In order to thrive, we need discipline and focus and radical self-love. My purpose is so strong—I want to nourish the goddess, the warrioress, the artist, the muse, the sacred mother of all things. I want to cultivate fierce grace lathered in honey. I want to embody this river rock of my soul—the water flowing and cleansing the strong and the tender within me and within you. We are all things, dear women. We are so many things. We are big tears and big dreams. We are powerful. We are the keepers of the sacred text of woman. We are natural healers and creative alchemists of the divine. We are capable of healing ourselves and everyone we come near. A smile, a glance, an energy can give another the hope to keep on keeping up.
— Carrie Anne Moss

Fierce Grace Collective

Hi beauties,

This year I am choosing Fierce Grace. Through my new online course at The Fierce Grace Collective, we will explore different aspects of Fierce Grace through simple, nourishing creative content, meditations, creative prompts, and community. During each online class, new content will be shared in our private circle for you to sink into and enjoy. I want each course to complement your lifestyle & everyday routine so you are empowered to experience each class (and your life) with ease.

Featuring meditations, stories, creativity and connection, these classes are attended by women from around the world. At the same time, this is an intimate space where we are connected, safe, and open.

You can join the course for one month, two months ... an entire year. It's up to you. The course is designed to support your life and your capacity to love. It is all about slow living, and how to incorporate that into your daily truth. My goal is to live a life that I don't need a vacation from ... doesn't that sound good? In this era of hustle, I realized it was time to start reminding ourselves of the value of gentleness and softness. This is a recipe for success, too, one that is not often talked about in the swirl around us.

If this sounds interesting to you, I invite you in. Register HERE!



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