Our Mission

Annapurna Living is a website by Carrie-Anne Moss designed to uplift and inspire women.

Here we share content and stories that cultivate communication with self and others and provide tools for connection with those you love. Everything we do is working toward the bottom line: feel more connected.

This is a place to begin the journey of cultivating your life from the inside out.

Welcome. Thank you for joining us.

What is the Annapurna Living Inner Circle

Annapurna Living offers our Inner Circle exclusive monthly content in the form of a monthly audio Visualizations & Meditations, an audio download from Carrie-Anne Moss and access to our exclusive Facebook group where members can engage with each other and Carrie-Anne.

For $14 a month you’ll receive access to the Annapurna Living Inner Circle and monthly exclusives. You can cancel at any time.

Join for one month, several months, or join us for the whole year. However you decide to do it, it will end up being just what you need. Once you join, you also gain exclusive access to the Inner Circle community of women where you can find conversation, questions, reflections, and support.

Inner Circle is an invitation for connection, evolution, and commitment

It is a direct line between you and Carrie-Anne, but it is also a direct line between you and your heart.

The Inner Circle is a monthly message system. Each month, a message from Carrie-Anne is delivered to your phone or computer, along with a link to download a meditation that suits the times. These messages and meditations are designed to connect you to your feminine power and essence, as well as to the larger collective consciousness of women, who are so needed during this time in history. 

Combining storytelling and sadhana (a daily spiritual practice), Inner Circle offers a simple yet powerful way to begin to shift the reality around you, to heighten your awareness, and to hear the quiet whisperings of your heart.