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Leaning against a tile counter strewn with breakfast dishes, leans a woman. She holds a cup of coffee in one hand, and her chin in the other. It isn’t really the dishes that are bothering her, though the pile is daunting. It isn’t the sibling squabble she hears brewing in the next room, though soon she will need to wade into the fray. It is something else. She wants more. She wants to feel more, to feel better. Sometimes she catches a glimpse of that possibility, a sense of peace and calm, a taste of grounding connection, but then it’s gone and she can’t imagine how to get it back. It’s slippery and elusive and feels very far away.

MOTHER is a course for that woman in the kitchen, it is for you, for the woman who wants more – more peace, calm, presence, connection, and more happiness. This course will provide tools to use in your everyday life, real achievable methods for feeling better right now, stepping stones to the person you want to be. We created this course because we want this for ourselves. We want to start our days with our feet firmly on the ground and we want to finish our days without regret. We aren’t waiting for the stars to align, or for the circumstances of our lives to change before we get to feel good, and we don’t have to. We have done the work and know that the power lies within ourselves. We can start feeling how we want to right now, and we are reaching out to you, inviting you to come along.

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  Carrie-Anne Moss + Natalie Christensen, founders and teachers of MOTHER

Carrie-Anne Moss + Natalie Christensen, founders and teachers of MOTHER

Do you know that feeling? Are you looking for connection, wholeness, and peace, but you aren't sure where it went in all the piles of laundry and dishes? Then most likely, this course is for you. Each week in May, we guide you through weekly content and videos, and there is rich discussion and reflection in the comments. We try to directly respond to as many comments as possible. Additionally, each week, we hold a live video call where you can ask live questions and receive live answers. These calls are recorded and added to the course, and you will have lifetime access to the course materials. 

And in fact, for a limited time, we are offering you a free gift: an audio track from an entire live Q&A session from last year's MOTHER course. This will give you a small peek into what the course is all about, as well as how much true gold lies in Natalie's teachings. If you would like to receive the MP3, simply enter your name and email in the form below and it will be emailed to you. The recording is about 45 minutes long. Let us know what you think, or ask use questions at hello@annapurnaliving.com

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