Jules Blaine Davis

Jules Blaine Davis

Kitchen Healer + renaissance mama

Jules Blaine Davis is a true renaissance woman. She is a mom of two, a wife, a writer, a painter, a performer, a hip-hop dancer and a kitchen healer.

It was in the kitchen that her journey began when she could no longer paint with oils and wear her baby at the same time. She replaced her brush with a wooden spoon and began to feed her family. Jules experienced a sort of enlightenment by turning on the fire as there was a healing in feeding herself and others. This was the beginning to Jules passion to inspire women to reconnect with their food story and learn how to nourish themselves and their families. Her energy is contagious and her comedic approach to pointing out our painful issues in a loving way makes her methods effective and long lasting.

Jules inspires us to cook up a life that aligns with our values and nurtures our needs. She creates gatherings called miracles where women come together to talk about their hunger and their challenges around food while Jules feeds them a seasonal and simple farm to table feast. Jules guides the miracle with a theme or emotional menu while reading from her favorite poets & writers and giving us tools & tips to turn on the fire inside our busy lives. She introduces us to the abundance of beauty & freedom food offers us, showing us how to eat figs, roast beets & then sends us off with a basket of fruits & veggies to continue the miracle with our loved ones.

Jules meets privately for one on one sessions, custom miracles with families, groups & businesses and conducts farmer’s market tours. She is an inspiring & comedic speaker for retreats, groups & talks. Jules has inspired & nourished many a Hollywood beauty including Anna Getty, Carrie-Anne Moss, and many others.

She is very passionate about giving back. Jules teaches a class at her son’s public school called ‘the little miracle’ where she inspires & feeds the students seasonal baskets of food from local farms. She asks them about what nourishment looks like in their lives & creates a conversation about how it feels to feed our lives. She is on a mission to eliminate high fructose corn syrup from the schools ‘body’ and bring the importance of awareness & beauty to the forefront of food education. Jules donates her time to various charities such as the Sarah Lily Grace fund and the Nest foundation.

It is Jules mission to create a food culture that inspires & nourishes our hunger one kitchen at a time. She currently has a television show being pitched to networks about her work as America’s kitchen healer.

For more information on what Jules is up to, you can follow along at her website, shop, Instagram & Facebook.