What is the Annapurna Living Inner Circle?

The Inner Circle is a monthly message system and self-care collective. Each month, you will receive exclusive content and conversations from Carrie-Anne, guided meditations, and access to our growing community of women. 

The Inner Circle includes: 

  • Extended audio conversation on the first day of each month: similar to a podcast, Carrie-Anne will post a downloadable audio conversation or a video conversation alone or with surprise guests.
  • Moon notes: An additional audio or video revelation is delivered on the full or new moon to help you stay tuned into the cycles.
  • Live monthly video Q&A: Carrie-Anne will hold a live video broadcast each month to connect with all the women in the Inner Circle. You can ask live questions during these calls.
  • Guided meditation option: a downloadable meditation video will be included for anyone who wants to incorporate meditation into their self-care practice.
  • Community: the Inner Circle will continue to include a comment forum for discussion and connection as well as a private Facebook group for women who wish to join.
  • Moon Calendar: a monthly moon calendar from The Moon is My Calendar is part of our curriculum. 
  • Bonuses: Extra videos and content throughout the month


Feel more connected. #annapurnaliving