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What is the Annapurna Living Inner Circle?

The Inner Circle is a monthly message system and self care collective. It is a way to tune into the moon and into yourself. It is a direct line between you and Carrie-Anne, but it is also a direct line between you and your heart, and a way to connect with an ever-growing community of women.

The Inner Circle now includes: 

  • Extended audio conversation on the first day of each month: similar to a podcast, Carrie-Anne will post an audio conversation and you will be able to download it.
  • An audio visualization to soothe and nourish
  • Moon notes: Carrie-Anne will post additional audio revelation on the full or new moon to keep everyone tuned into the cycles.
  • Monday musings: weekly emails will be sent out with kind thoughts and occasional living prompts for those who enjoy weekly engagement.
  • Live monthly video Q&A: Carrie-Anne will hold a live broadcast each month to connect with all the women in the Inner Circle.
  • Guided meditation option: a downloadable meditation video will be included for anyone who wants to incorporate meditation into their self-care practice.
  • Community: the Inner Circle will continue to include a comment forum for discussion and connection as well as a private Facebook group for women who wish to join.

For $24 a month you’ll receive access to the Annapurna Living Inner Circle as well as our private Facebook group. You can cancel at any time.  

Our Mission

Annapurna Living is a website by Carrie-Anne Moss designed to uplift and inspire women.

Here we share content and stories that cultivate communication with self and others and provide tools for connection with those you love. Everything we do is working toward the bottom line: feel more connected.

This is a place to begin the journey of cultivating your life from the inside out.

Welcome. Thank you for joining us.