Denise Andrade-Kroon

Writer & Photographer

Denise Andrade-Kroon is a gentle fae mama living in the wilds of the most Northern part of Washington. As a deeply intuitive artist, her photography has been featured in such publications as Somerset Life and Boho Magazine.

Other projects as a photographer + writer include contributions in Blushing Wild, The Dreadlock Journey, Elevate the Everyday, and more. Denise is co-creator of the wildly successful Soulsigh—A Sacred Blessingway eCourse which has now become a beloved workbook, and she is a featured contributor & photographer for Annapurna Living.

When she is not creating lush, cozy nooks in her home or dreaming up ways to nourish her loved ones, she spends her time on various creative projects and writing her fertility memoir. Follow her on Instagram or visit her online where she shares her life, love, and glimmering daydreams at


 photo Denise Andrade Kroon