With Soul, Not Stress—Dreaming My Holidays By the Fire

As an inspired collective of conscious & creative women, I want us to re-imagine and re-define how we do our holiday season.
— Carrie-Anne Moss

Hi beauties!

What if you could create the holiday season of your dreams? What would it look like? How would it feel?

What if this season could actually be easeful and merry? What if you didn't reach January in a sugar haze, completely depleted, but instead felt energized and truly nourished? That's what I want for myself—to feel nourished, inspired, and grateful. I want to create new rituals. I want to infuse my days with meaningful moments and sacred art.

This is why I created By the Fire—Soul Nourishment for the Holiday Season. I made it for myself as much as I made it for you. As an inspired collective of conscious & creative women, I want us to re-imagine and re-define how we do our holiday season. Already so many beauties are gathering in what I call the Annapurna Living Room—this space I've created in the spirit of intimate community where we can witness & support one another as we create the life we long for.

For those who have already joined... THANK YOU! I can't wait to get started! And for those who haven't signed up yet, we are eagerly inviting you to your place by the fire. :))

We begin tomorrow, Dec. 11.

Registration is open for a few more hours!

For 10 days you will receive nourishing, inspiring emails from me designed to help you cultivate the holiday of your dreams.

There are no class calls to schedule.

No deadlines. No intense planning. No list of things to shop for. No need to arrange for child-care or buy new shoes or re-schedule meetings! You don't even need to sign into anything besides your email, and if you're like me, you already do that anyway. (I will be on Instagram because I love gathering that way, but it's not required for this course. Just something extra cozy, if you enjoy it like I do.)

I like to keep it simple and sincere.

This class is elegant and refreshing—just me sharing my heart through a simple, daily 3-minute meditation, sparkly creative prompts, nourishing recipes & rituals, and videos to inspire and encourage you. By the Fire is an invitation for you to put up your feet, wrap your fingers around a steaming mug of Chai (I'll share my husband's recipe!) and connect to your soul so that you can create the holiday season you desire most.

The holidays don't have to be stressful. I promise.

Let's lift each other up. Join me in my living room, By the Fire.


PS...registration ends soon! Start with me tomorrow on the New Moon—a powerful time to set our intentions and begin re-envisioning exactly how we want our holiday season to feel! Register here.

Photo of Carrie Anne Moss by Catherine Just.

Photo of Carrie Anne Moss by Catherine Just.