Donations for Umberdove

My friend Kelly Umberdove is on a difficult journey with her health right now and has reached the limits of western medicine. Many of us are raising funds where we can to help her pay for alternative treatments and self-care options during this very challenging and painful time.

Kelly is an amazing young woman. A true artist and beautiful soul. She has cancer and has been battling this illness for some time. She has used conventional medicine as well as alternative treatments and has been incredibly successful at times. Yet today she needs support. She needs donations to support her healing. If you feel inspired please send even $10 to her. Alternative treatments are sadly not covered on insurance. To donate to Kelly, please send any funds via PayPal directly to her at

If you don't follow Kelly online, you can head over here to her blog to read about her. Here is an excerpt from her most recent blog post, on March 24:

"Here is what I know to be true this morning: sunshine and meditation may not cure all that ails you, but they certainly offer a gateway to deeply restorative moments of bliss. Homemade sourdough raisin bread, fried in butter in a cast iron pan, tastes like heaven. Spending time with a horse will bring you more solidly into full body presence than anything else I know. The body wants to be asked for its opinions, its desires, and if we learn to listen deep in the belly, it always answers. Your own dog always smells better than anyone else's dog—even when it's been too many weeks since their last bath. When you are caught up in your head, move your feet. And—please hear me loud and clear on this last one—self care is always the right choice."

Please also take a moment to read this post on Instagram for more information and details. Robin Soyala writes, "dear sweet ones near and far, i write at Umberdove's request to update you on her journey over the last few weeks. as you may remember, the Dove tried a treatment over this winter which included a combination of chemotherapy and an experimental new drug. unfortunately that treatment didn’t work as doctors had hoped and it left her with a severely compromised immune system and lingering side effects. the plan once the treatment was suspended was to rest and recover for about six weeks while researching new treatment options.  during that time frame the Dove experienced a deep decline in vitality that honestly we don't have any perfect answers for. the truth, in this moment, is that our Dove is dealing with actively increasing cancer in a few locations and a genuinely depleted system. last weekend her energy faded dramatically and nutrition and hydration IVs were implemented (and continue) to provide immediate support for extreme physical strain.

as one who has borne close witness, i can assure you that throughout this process her spirit and strength have been nothing short of miraculous. if there is a warrior who is known as a beacon of calm and peace, Dove is she. this morning when i had my near daily heart chat with UmberDove, the renewed life force energy emanating from her was palpable - and as one who loves her it felt to me like a much desired deep breath.  one piece of our conversation was her request that i write a few words to update her widest circle of love as to where she has been (though the place is unnamable) and what has been going on (though it is not entirely clear). please know that she is here with us all. that she holds gratitude immeasurable for all you have given in the form of love, support, prayer, light and currency. we are actively calling in continued love and prayer on her behalf. and also, that she is still journeying through the unknown.  at the moment western medicine has very few options to offer and so she leans into the nurturance and grace of alternative treatments - which are not covered by insurance.  we bravely ask you to continue to help us raise funds so that an abundance of currency flows towards her.  these donations provide imperative space for deep rest and restorative alternative medicine treatments.

to be simple: the Dove's day right now is limited to sleep and loving attempts to feed and hydrate her self - which is not always easy. she would never complain as she is a beacon of quiet strength and resilience but i have looked her deep in the eye and seen her humanity as well. she needs us with her in the now…

she is eternally grateful for all that has been given and your continued support in all forms. 
currency donations go directly through PayPal to love and prayers go directly to the body, spirit and heart of our Dove."


From my heart I thank you.



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