Be:ing Meditation

So this is why I teach meditation. This is why I meditate. When I don’t, my life does NOT work. When I do, it does. It’s a commitment to meditate daily. It is a discipline. It is holy work. It is everything.—Carrie-Anne Moss
Carrie-Anne Moss. Photo by Catherine Just.

Carrie-Anne Moss. Photo by Catherine Just.

Hi beautiful women!

Today was a mess.

I woke up with the intention to take my time—drink my tea and to enjoy my children. I wanted to draw in my journal, make a leisurely breakfast, and to sit still on my sheepskin and meditate in the midst of my full life. 

Instead, I woke up to the reality that the Internet was down, and a business meeting scheduled for the afternoon made this a big drama. I threw my kids in the car without breakfast and off we went to get a new box for the Internet. Tech savvy I am NOT … just thinking about tech stuff gives me anxiety. 

Ultimately I figured everything out, but within that time I yelled at my kids, burned the bacon, and found numerous things to dislike about my life. It was not pretty and not at all in alignment with how I want my life to be.

So this is why I teach meditation. This is why I meditate. When I don’t, my life does NOT work. When I do, it does.

It's a commitment to meditate daily. It is a discipline. It is holy work. It is everything.

When I take the time to connect to my soul, slow down my breath, and connect to this beautiful heart of mine, the hard bits of my day are much easier to get through. The grind of life is balanced with the sound current of my soul. The vibration coming from me is clear and unencumbered by the chatter of my mind. 

Life is not easy. These are challenging times that we live in. Things are moving quickly and if we don't stop and gather ourselves we will get swept away into the rat race. No one wins the rat race—no one.

If you’d like guidance and community support for your own meditation practice, I invite you to join me for Milk & Honey, a 10-day virtual meditation course beginning August 14th. It will only take a few minutes each day and is simple enough for beginners, and deep enough for seasoned Yogis. 

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May you find a path of grace in your day today. 

With gratitude,