Simple and Sincere


APL promo video

I really don't have a lot of Michelles art for this mock up.  I've been working in black and what mostly.  APL will be full of color.  Still liking that Thai food template demo from the FGC that you pulled 

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page of all the courses featuring FGC. gallery of courses linked to separate page



Videos from FGC interviews. I can edit these and make short interview bits for APL (since they were only used for FGC it will be new content for APL (not sure how many I can get done right now but I will start working on them soon, APL Women Series. and the APL Soulful Entrepreneurs And we have the new interview questions to consider as well


Recipes for Living. 


Videos of cooking, then articles on cooking recipes 

Articles on living. How to meditate, Holiday rituals, altars. holding home or creating spaces for living. Can we introduce some content from Living Libations here.  From Nadine. recipes for oils or remedies.  so much love for Nadine 




Simple and Sincere offerings. Free sample course   Mini course FGC or something new. CAM quotes. Call to action video from FGC. The new downloadable content you just made (11 Steps)


Maybe we can get CAM reading this on Tuesday. APL call to action video along with FGC call to action  I would love to edit a promo for the APL site launch.


WE are on fire over here at Annapurna living

 To be clear over here means my office in the dinning room of the house we rent. Over here means Sadie's office space that she rents and now includes the newest member of our team my dear friend Annie Wright who is bringing her artistry to the content we create over here...


Annapurna Living is a dream come true for me and sometimes over here means the seat on an airplane flying to New York City to work. 

WE are modern women caring for our lives and creating  this content from our souls because we truly care


WE don't advertise on APL 

We don't hard sell our courses

because at the heart of what we do over here 

is share that your don't need to buy anything

that it all lives within you and within me.


We offer courses because we need structure too to elevate our lives.

We need accountability connection and counsel.


We invite you to join the fierce grace collective if you feel inspired to take your life to the next level and to truly thrive in your life.

You don't need anything form us

but we would love to do this deep dive with you.

WE are closing the doors this year reading enrollment because we want to be clear of how many we are serving supporting and so that if we need more support we can expand our team.

We want to be the wind beneath your wings the cream in your coffee and the pat on the shoulder when you need it the most.


My intentnion this year of FG is that you get so clear about your dreams and intentions

that you create structures { meditation } that are so supportive and part of your habit body  so you  can go super deep into the creative questions.


Im hoping babies are born out of this year

caressive endeavors 

books are written

buisness's  are created

relationships  are transformed


I want o expand everything I do while staying aligned with what I value.....


join us