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Annapurna Living is a website by Carrie-Anne Moss designed to uplift and inspire women.

Here we share content and stories that cultivate communication with self and others and provide tools for connection with those you love. Everything we do is working toward that bottom line: feel more connected.

This is a place to begin the journey of cultivating your life from the inside out.
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What I love most is being part of an experience and sharing myself with a group of people all coming together for a common goal—to create something really amazing.
— Carrie-Anne Moss


Inner circle is a monthly self care collective that connects to the moon cycles, provides tools for nourishment and explores meditation.

The Annapurna Living Inner Circle aligns with the cycles of the moon to help us tune in to nature and to ourselves in order to find the nourishment that women truly need. This self care collective provides monthly audio conversations with Carrie-Anne, visualizations, monthly moon notes, as well as a meditation option for women who wish to participate. We also have a private online community to cultivate connection. 

For $24 a month you’ll receive access to the Annapurna Living Inner Circle monthly exclusives and our private Facebook group. You can cancel at any time. 

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Householder is a 5-day intensive online course with Carrie-Anne Moss and her husband Steven Roy. This is the first time ever that Annapurna Living has opened up its course doors to both men and women; couples are encouraged to enroll. 

"This is a course about meditation and bringing awareness to our lives so we can handle the stress that we all feel while living our lives. Householder is for anyone who wants to be supported to bring clarity and awareness to themselves and to their lives. We will look at how we can rise up and be more connected to what deeply matters to so many of us: Connection to ourselves to our families, to our big beautiful lives."

—Carrie-Anne Moss